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Still Oil Painting
April 15, 2014
I'm still working on oil paintings. Did one the other night for my daughter, of a ship, bit of a pirate ship, quite colorful. She's a darling daughter, loves to watch me paint. Makes it all worth while.

Ride for Freedom: The Road to San Francisco
April 15, 2014
I'm currently editing on the first book of five about the Ride for Freedom. Naturally the topic is even more important than when I set out, Freedom that is. Now maybe many more Americans have a clue that Freedom isn't just something other people seek and show up on TV. Freedom is what America no longer has in great supply.

The Deep State
April 15, 2014
Red moon tonight.
Three new articles posted under the articles link in right column. Anyone would be a fool to think that this country IS NOT run by a corrupt elite behind the scenes calling all the shots, manipulating the public and starting wars for profit.

The first error is to think that government is better than anything Russia or China have to offer, that the Governments at Federal, State and local levels care what we think. For sure the only people listening to us are the folks at the NSA.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries Herbicide Treated Potatoes
June 28, 2012
Uhh, hold the fries.
A friend took me to lunch. So we went in for a tasty hamburger at Five Guys in Salem, Oregon on South Commercial Street. The hamburgers were great and the french fries were a meal in themselves. In front of the store they sported peanuts and 50lb red and white bags of potatoes. The peanut boxes said something like "Don't take these out of store due to allergy risk". But the potato bags had no markings on them about anything special. Since I farm organic potatoes I wondered if these potatoes had been soaked or sprayed with herbicide to keep them from sprouting. Part of the herbicide is said to stay in the potato after peeling.

I came back again and had another hamburger. But I skipped the french fries. They always ask you if you want french fries? So I said I wanted to know if the potatoes were treated with herbicide? They didn't know. "Of course not". I called customer service. The manager from Salem called me back and said, "Yes, the potatoes were treated." So I called customer service back again and asked them if they could send me a letter regarding this and please specify the agent that is being used on their potatoes. I noted that the potatoes say on the bag which farm the potatoes come from, with pride I might note. But nothing about herbicide. I never got a letter, so I wrote this blog. What does Five Guys treat their potatoes with, and why are YOU eating their french fries without knowing that or being told that on the fancy labels on the bags out front? I told them I'd put this up on the web, they didn't seem to care. About the web. About me. Or about the safety of the food and the safety of their customer's health.

Well Almost, Horse Not Home Yet
April 4, 2010
Yesterday was my birthday, forgot to notice.

Maybe I will celebrate today.

Planning my next escape. Maybe I got to get Hampton back to Salem, Oregon, that is when this journey is over really.

Got to get a place for the kids.

But next gig I think is around the world by yacht. For Akha Human Rights of course. There are a lot of good people to tell and meet. Best to tell them after we meet them of course.

I've been thinking of the yacht thing for a long long time. 30 years anyway. A sailor at heart, submarines. Fishing. Warm sun and beaches. Turtles and fish. Other places than the USA.

End of One Journey
March 22, 2010
At the UN on day 382 after having crossed the US on horseback for the second time. The first time in 1986. See Youtube link for videos.
Ride for Freedom Videos

Small Town America
Oct. 23, 2009
In many of the towns we visit, there is no wifi. These can be good sized towns, fighting town melt, as their places dry up. Yet there has to be a blueprint for these towns to consolidate and save what they have left if anything at all. One of them is that you HAVE to have wifi if you are going to keep your kids and businesses in towns and attract visitors. Nothing as dull as asking for wifi, nope don't got it, any coffee shop have it, nope, sorry.

The Destruction of the US and the Dollar
Oct. 2009
Clearly the US Government is supporting the destruction of the US Dollar for those who support a global currency, including corporate interests, who are more concerned about their profits and have no loyalty to the United States. The dumbing down of US society, the control of the major media, all work to this end. The export of jobs, with no protection of US citizens can not all be blamed on inefficiency of workers. We will see the continued slide in this direction.

Picture: Hampton rests on the Grassy Knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas where President John F. Kennedy got murdered along with our country.

Visiting Dealey Plaza
The place is really small. They killed JFK here at point blank range. I don't believe Oswald was the only actor if anything more than a minor actor at all, a patsy.

This was the day our country died too, as the governmental lies and the people who had say in the Warren Commission continue on to this day. Then it was Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and now years later JFK Jr.

Agencies like the CIA, NSA and many other government agencies are too powerful, they now become a hydra.

I was glad that I could come here after all these years. I was five when JFK was assasinated.

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After considering the facts as a human rights activist, when it comes to choosing between following the teachings of christianity or following Jesus Christ, I have decided to follow Jesus Christ.
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Full Redemption
Jesus Christ offers full redemption, in all spheres of human life, justice, land, food and the rights to one's own children. We should not ignore or overlook any aspect of human existence and fail to mention it in the redemption of the human condition. This includes the Akha and their need for security and the protection of rights. It does no good to claim that redemption only applies to the life here after, while ignoring the incredible suffering inflicted on these people. Individuals who claim that the great difficulties that the Akha face helps convert them, have distorted and deformed the gospel.