Salem, Oregon
Five Guys Burgers and Fries Herbicide Treated Potatoes
June 28, 2012
Uhh, hold the fries.
A friend took me to lunch. So we went in for a tasty hamburger at Five Guys in Salem, Oregon on South Commercial Street. The hamburgers were great and the french fries were a meal in themselves. In front of the store they sported peanuts and 50lb red and white bags of potatoes. The peanut boxes said something like "Don't take these out of store due to allergy risk". But the potato bags had no markings on them about anything special. Since I farm organic potatoes I wondered if these potatoes had been soaked or sprayed with herbicide to keep them from sprouting. Part of the herbicide is said to stay in the potato after peeling.

I came back again and had another hamburger. But I skipped the french fries. They always ask you if you want french fries? So I said I wanted to know if the potatoes were treated with herbicide? They didn't know. "Of course not". I called customer service. The manager from Salem called me back and said, "Yes, the potatoes were treated." So I called customer service back again and asked them if they could send me a letter regarding this and please specify the agent that is being used on their potatoes. I noted that the potatoes say on the bag which farm the potatoes come from, with pride I might note. But nothing about herbicide. I never got a letter, so I wrote this blog. What does Five Guys treat their potatoes with, and why are YOU eating their french fries without knowing that or being told that on the fancy labels on the bags out front? I told them I'd put this up on the web, they didn't seem to care. About the web. About me. Or about the safety of the food and the safety of their customer's health.