Salem, Oregon

Trace Inverters
June 3, 2014

Look, you go and invest in an RV or buy a Trace Engineering inverter outright and then you find you aren't going to get any service without getting ripped off. Would you be happy?

I ended up with a Trace 4024MC in a bus I bought. Great device when you read the specs and all this American made machine can do. So they stopped making it, that is what they did. And now you will get ripped off when you go to get service. That's the American way now. Cut the biggest piece, not make the pie bigger.

So here is what happened. It didn't work at all. So I pulled out this hundred pound over machine, feels like it, off the bulkhead in the bus bay and hauled it to a "Authorized Service Center". He pulled the cover and we looked at it. Right away I saw a piece of crap on the top mother board. I said, say, I bet that would mess it up. The junk was on the pins of a chip and some of the trace, about half the size of a "BB". He tested the machine, said, "Well it isn't working. I can look for a circuit board, they aren't readily available (an outright lie) and if I can get one it will be $900. You'd be better to get a new inverter, let me look around for a new board and then you'll have this one for a back up." Yeah, and a new one is $3000 to $3500.

I said "No, I think I'll just take it home," and I did. Then it occurred to me to take the circuit board out which I did, and I hauled it down to this guy I know and showed it to him. "Oh, that won't take much, I'll call you." And he did. He said he found the chip, that he would have it all repaired in a couple days and it would cost me $65. No shit. You see any part of that mother board, any part of that inverter, you can get the parts for if you have an electronics guy, and just fix it unless your board is fried by lightning to toast or something. So he repaired the damaged trace, replaced the chip, I put it all back together and hefted it up on the bulkhead and everything ran like clockwork.

Now lets back up a bit. The service guy stood there and KNEW that trace and chip could be replaced for a few bucks and he could have charged me $150 and called it good, but he stood there with a straight face and told me it would be $900 and that he couldn't get a new one. Well Xantrex will tell you that the price went up to have Chinese people make them at $5 per day and so the price is up to $980. Talk about greed. The chinese could EXACTLY make that entire box and the whole thing would cost $900. This my friend is why America has screwed itself.

You have trouble with your Trace Engineering Inverter, call me, anytime, Oregon 971-388-7185. The time now is Feb. 9, 2011. If the phone doesn't ring through leave a message, probably means I am in China or in the shower. Flip a coin. Don't get screwed, get it fixed.

Ok, so you invested $3500 or so in your machine not counting in and out time and the service that you get is to be told that you can only get help if you agree to be ripped off. Yeah great.

My email is: akhalife at I answer all email.

Ok, and here is more, since I first made this page a number of people have called me and I helped them out. I refer them to "PJ" in Tennessee. He has "Inverter Sales and Service". Something like that. Well, I'm going to print his number here so you can call him, he is a real good guy, helpful, parts in stock, will help you FIX that inverter, trouble shoot it over the phone, (don't just take it out first) and I think he will give you a pretty good deal on a new one if you have to go that route. (615) then 285 then 0611. Course if he gets too much business and has to retire he can email me and tell me to take this down, but until then, I hope it helps you, I hope it helps him. Now if you save some bucks and a whole lot of stress and you want to flip a coin at the cost of this website, then you can flip the coin to akha at akha dot org on paypal. Either way, glad to help you out. If it was made by a human it can probably be fixed by a human.