Painting and Home Repair
Salem, Oregon

If you are in need of interior or exterior painting we can offer you good work at a reasonable price. Brush, Roller or Airless or all three. We can also do home repairs for you.

Painting and Home Repair
Exterior Painting
Home Repairs
Dry rot repair
Winterizing (Repairs you need before winter rains hit)
Drywall repair

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Cabin $11,200 Includes Gravel and Electric
You can have this cabin built on your place for $11,200. Add $1300 if you want the wood interior varnished.

R-19 insulation below floor and through out. 5/8 loft area ads about 100 square feet to the approx. 200 square feet downstairs. Do a full loft if you wish, requires price adjustment. Exterior oil primed and painted.
NO WAFER BOARD or PRESSBOARD of any kind in this construction.

Barn Shed, Cabin, Cottage or ?
Dec. 2011
Dec. 2011 offer for this month. You can have this barn style shed built on your property for $9800. Add $500 for gravel, $850 for electric depending on how far the wire has to be run.

What you get: NO WAFER BOARD. All plywood and 2x6 construction. Floor, walls and ceiling R-19 insulation. Floor and loft floor 3/4 T&G. Interior walls 3/8 sanded plywood. 20 supporting concrete piers. 4x6 pressure treated "runners". Below floor insulation is 1/2 inch sheeting to keep the rats out of insulation. Comp roof. Three 3'x 4' windows, one 2x2 foot window in rear in loft. Center of rear wall ladder to loft. T1-11 siding. Oil primed and painted exterior. Does NOT include interior stain or painting. Overhang for rain protection on all four sides. Gutters, front porch optional. Railing at front of loft optional. 1/2 light door, deadbolt and door lock. 6'4'' head clearance under loft.

Kitchen Repaint Special $375
Oct 2011
Two coats of ceiling white.
Two coats of wall paint, accent color allowed.
10' x 15' kitchens or smaller.
Rodda Paint.

Does not include repainting of cabinets.
Does not include texture or texture repair.
Does not include stain blocker.

Front Door and Trim Special $89
Oct 2011
Repaint the exterior of your front door and surrounding trim for $89. Help sell the house or just improve the welcome at your door.
Includes paint, one coat.

Bathroom Repaint Special $250
Oct 2011
Repaint your bathroom for $250. 10x10 maximum size. Two coats ceiling white. Two coats wall paint. Includes Rodda paint.

Does not include covering over oil base paint, repainting in oil, texture or texture repair, stain blocker or other repairs. Does not include cabinets.

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Full Redemption
Jesus Christ offers full redemption, in all spheres of human life, justice, land, food and the rights to one's own children. We should not ignore or overlook any aspect of human existence and fail to mention it in the redemption of the human condition. This includes the Akha and their need for security and the protection of rights. It does no good to claim that redemption only applies to the life here after, while ignoring the incredible suffering inflicted on these people. Individuals who claim that the great difficulties that the Akha face helps convert them, have distorted and deformed the gospel.